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Crusted Surfaces - $250

Create 100-Year-Old Crusted Finishes in Hours

Crusted Surfaces workshop - Learn easy secrets for reproducing the old world crusted layers you or your clients want. View Samples

Get hands-on experience creating the wonderful, old,
layered Gesso waxed faux finishes that look 100 years
old easily, without the 100-year wait!

It is so exciting to transform the new (and the old) into
old with Crusted and Cracked faux painting effects. Watch
your business referrals soar.

You will leave the class with 4-5 sample boards including
Italian wall finishes, furniture finishes, and accessories.

We tell our students all our secrets. No more guessing
about the most efficient approach to specialized faux
painting techniques.  View Samples

Crusted Surfaces is a one-day workshop, easy to fit into your schedule, and only $250.00

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